All-around Review of 131 Pairs of Nike Dunk SB Phylogeny in Eight Years (picture)

           Nike Dunk has become one of the most popular things among Nike series, since the promotion of Nike SB series in March of 2002; they have gone through 9 years. Now let us together review that 131 pairs of Nike SB from 2002 to 2009.

 year of 2002:

year of 2003:


year of 2004:

year of 2005:

year of 2006:

year of 2007:

year of 2008:

year of 2009:


How to calculate shipping costs from China to all over the world

Price List for International EMS 

How to calculate shipping costs fromChinato all over the world, you can calculate the form below:

Notic:D:File      M:Item      :RMB(1USD=6.5RMB)       0.5:discount(Post Office give us discounts)

For example:

0.4kg from china to usa: 240*0.5/6.5=18.46USD

0.7kg from china to usa: (240+75)*0.5/6.5=24.23USD

1.4kg from china to usa: (240+75+75)*0.5/6.5=30USD

You can Check the form on the ems official website:

Buying famous product made in China on somebody behalf

           My name is Miki Lin; I am the principal of international purchasing agent. The full name of our company is BTOC International Trading Co., Ltd, our headquarter locates in Xiamen, one of the most developed cities in China, we have ten years experience as a purchasing agent, providing service of purchasing the products made in China, the products cover all the living goods, such as : clothes, shoes, bags, glasses, polo shirt, jewelry, caps, earphone and so on.

         Now we are cooperating with more than 50 specializes production factories, these factories are distributed everywhere in China, with most advanced technology. The following is some factory information collected by us, and they will be updated at fixed time, if you have the product picture from China, you can send to us, we have branch companies of different region to seek the product you need.  

Business introduction: customers send us picture orders by the factory album collected by us, and then we seek the products that customers demand, then directly send the goods to customers. In this period, we will send the detailed cost, freight, service fees of all the products. After customers receive the goods, they can pay money by Paypal(extra 4% procedure fees), Western Union, MoneyGram to us , all the customers have to pay 500 dollars or guarantee fees of 1000 dollars, after receiving orders, we will evaluate all the order fees, and orders should not exceed the corresponding paid guarantee fees, after the business is over, we will return all the guarantee fees.
Charge standard:
order amount below 500 dollars, we will charge 10 dollars, order total amount is 500 dollars to 1000 dollars, change 20dollars, order amount is 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars, charge 30 dollars, from 2000 dollars to 3000 dollars, change 50 dollars.
Contact: 10th floor, Sam Building, Huli District of Xiamen City
Contact number: 0592-59180306  0592-50280205

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